How to use vidyut

Dose Recommendation

S. no. Crop Dose (Per Acre) Application time
1 Red Gram 30 ml Peak vegetative growth stage
(50-60 days after sowing)
Vidyut Packshot

How to prepare spray solution of Vidyut

Example: Crop: Red Gram Area: 1 Acre Number of spray tanks: 10


Step 1
Pour 10 mugs of water in a bucket.

Step 2
Measure 30 ml of Vidyut and add to the water in the bucket.

Step 3
Stir the water vigorously till Vidyut is fully dissolved/dispersed in water.

Now your stock solution of Vidyut is ready.

Step 4
Fill the spray tank to half capacity with clean water, add 1 mug of Vidyut stock solution, fill the spray tank to it’s capacity.

Step 5
Spray the solution in the field.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for subsequent 9 spray tanks.

  • The number of mugs of water to be taken depends on number of spray tanks required for covering 1 acre crop area.
  • The dose of Vidyut is dependent on the crop in which it is to be sprayed.
  • Mix 5 ml SureShot per spray tank to ensure optimum spread on foliage and green stem, ensure rain fastness and higher absorption through leaf pores.

Spray preparation

Use recommended dosage only at the recommended crop stage. Lower dose will not give optimum results and higher dose will result in crop toxicity.

Spray the crop thoroughly and only once – do not spray again on treated area in order to finish the tank solution.

There may not be a need to use of any other Plant Growth Stimulant in the subsequent crop stages/cycle.