What is Vidyut?

Vidyut is a Crop Energy Channelizer. It helps the crop to effectively use the nutrients available from fertilizers for proper growth, development, flowering and fruiting.

How should Vidyut be applied in the field?

Vidyut should be applied as a foliar spray.

In which crops can Vidyut be used?

Vidyut is recommended to be used in Red Gram.

Can Vidyut be applied in Greenhouse / Polyhouse grown crops?

Though it is not presently recommended, the Company is conducting trials in various crops. Relevant details will be shared as they become available.

What is the recommended dose of Vidyut?

Vidyut is recommended at 30 ml/acre to be sprayed in Red Gram.

When should Vidyut be applied?

Vidyut should be applied at peak vegetative growth stage of Red Gram – generally between 50-60 days after sowing.

What will happen if Vidyut is applied at higher dose?

At a higher dose than recommended dose, Vidyut will not give desired results in terms of crop growth, development, flowering and fruiting.

What will happen if Vidyut is not sprayed at recommended time of application?

If applied at the wrong time, Vidyut will not give desired results in terms of crop growth, development.

How quickly are the results of Vidyut seen?

Vidyut application results are visible within 15 days after spray.

What are the visible results of Vidyut application?

In sequential order, leaves become dark green and softer, vertical growth slows down, branching increases, internodal distance [distance between two branches] is reduced, leaves remain green and healthy for a longer time. Number of flowers, flower retention and pod/fruit formation increases.

Can Vidyut be applied as tank mix with other agrochemicals?

Yes, Vidyut can be applied as a tank mix with all routinely used agrochemicals. It is however, always better to conduct a compatibility test before preparing the final solution.

Is it necessary to prepare a stock solution of Vidyut before preparation of spray solution?

Yes. It is advisable to prepare a stock solution of Vidyut because Vidyut is a viscous product. Preparing the stock solution ensures that the product is dissolved properly in water before being applied in the crop.

What precautions should be taken to get good results from Vidyut application?

It is advisable to ensure that the recommended fertilizer dose is applied in the crop, there is sufficient soil moisture availability and there is no heavy pest or disease attack on the crop.